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005 Maroc Glass Swatch

Refundable coloured glass swatch disc – posted anywhere in the world for £1.

The disc is 70mm in diameter with a tie hole in the middle and a gradual increase in glass thickness from the rim to the aperture. The function of the shape is to show the range and intensity of a single colour through glass.

Product Details

  • Lead-free crystal glass
  • 70mm diameter
  • 4mm aperture 
  • 2mm-10mm thick 
  • 40g weight

Fully Refundable
The purchase cost of glass sample discs is refundable (minus postage costs) when you return them to the Michael Ruh studio. Please pack well to ensure they are not damaged in transit.

Delivery time is 3-5 working days for the UK and 7-10 working days internationally. Delivery cost is £1 per disc anywhere in the world.

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