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Perfumer H and The Glassblower

Perfumer H retail shop

Lyn Harris founder of Perfume H

LYN HARRIS AND MICHAEL RUH will be in conversation at London Craft week 2018 to discuss their artistic collaboration - where scent and glassmaking are combined for her new atelier, Perfume H, in London’s Marylebone. Lyn explores every angle of perfume creation, from how scents are discovered to building a complete and sensory experience including the development of specially commissioned bottles made by the Michael Ruh Studio. 

Collaborating with Lyn, Michael developed a sumptuous dusky colour palette for hand-blown perfume bottles and candle holders for Perfume H’s personalised service. Michael will demonstrate the making of these extraordinary pieces and visitors can commission both a perfume and a bottle from each maker.


Michael Ruh Studio

6 Parade Mews           

London SE27 9AX

7 MAY 2016

14:00 - 16:00

cologne glass perfume bottle

Also in Journal

Fused glass made from glass waste
Glass shelves created from glass waste for Silver Medal Winning Garden at Chelsea Flower Show

The studio has designed and created translucent recycled glass shelves that flank the doorway of the garden. The textural layered nature of the glass creates a beautiful play of illumination within the space.
Monocole Film on Glassblowing with Michael Ruh
Monocole Film on Glassblowing with Michael Ruh

This wonderful four minute film captures the making process of our handmade glass light shades made from recycled glass and blown into a mould made of paper.
Pentagram for Imperial College
Pentagram for Imperial College

We are delighted to share our part and that of others in the making of ‘The Circle of Benefactors’  installation at Imperial College. We were commissioned by for Pentagram Design for Imperial college  to create the glass discs for the modular installation which was inspired by the cellular structures of a living organism.