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Hand Blown Perfume Bottles

mouth blown glass perfume bottle

Lyn Harris & Perfumer H: Hand-blown perfume bottles

Lyn Harris, founder of the successful Miller Harris perfumery wanted to go ‘back to her roots’ and launch a new high-end perfumery. She approached Michael Ruh to assist with the design and production of hand-blown perfume bottles for a new line of bespoke fragrances. We were delighted to be of service.

 The bottles were to be made in a palette of five colours – each colour matching a base scent. The shape and colour being defined by Lyn’s vision and key brand words ‘apothecary’, ‘contemporary’, ‘historical’ and ‘scent lab’.

Michael first created colour samples to assign to each of the base scents and through a series of meetings, sniffed and tweaked the colour palette with Lyn. The approved palette and application of colour then determined the manufacturing process – day one making what is called an ‘overlay cup’ - day two warming the cup on a kiln before blowing clear glass into it, then inflating and shaping. This process would ensure a rich consistency throughout the entire volume of the bottle.

perfume bottle glass manufactuers















Michael Ruh for Perfumer H bespoke glass bottle making

First concept bottles achieved the right kind of silhouette for Lyn. For second stage concepts we suggested a heavier, more substantial bottle with same internal volume for holding the perfume, which was approved. Finally, a beautiful ground glass pipette stopper was created for the lid.

This fantastic project has led to two further commissions from Perfumer H - providing two sizes of scented candle holders and the range of five perfume bottles on an ongoing basis.

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