Michael Ruh


001 Magnolia
002 Hyacinth

003 Straw
004 Amber
005 Maroc
006 Neutral Grey

007 Lichen
008 Turquoise
009 Panna
010 Sea Blue
011 Steel Blue
012 Purple

YOU AREN'T EVEN thinking about it while it happens: our eyes perceive over 205 different shades of colour, differentiate completely between the most detailed nuances and recognise over 20 saturation and 500 brightness levels. Every day we assimilate millions of colour stimuli – a dream-like world of colours.

The nuances of our palette are from meticulous observation and being committed to the same colour house in eastern Germany. Michael Ruh routinely travels to meet his Schmelz Meister (colour master), and has been doing so for over fifteen years. A single colour may take up to 30 days to make –  delicately blending precious minerals such as silver, gold and arsenic.

▲   Colourwise  – short film showing how we fuse colour

▲ Colourwise – short film showing how we fuse colour

▲   Tiny Jug  – in rich amber glass

▲ Tiny Jug – in rich amber glass

▲      'Squid' wall sconces   light in turquoise

 'Squid' wall sconces light in turquoise