Michael Ruh

Magnolia dsddsds Hyacinth Straw Amber Maroc Neutral Grey


SiO2 - 68%
Na2O - 10%
K2O - 8.0%
CaO - 5.0%
Li2O - 0.5%
ZnO - 3.0%
Tio2 - 2.0%

Al2O2 - 2.5%

The only glass-blowing studio in the UK using optical quality glass

OPTICAL-QUALITY glass is incredibly pure with a much higher refractive index than normal or lead crystal glass. It is usually used in binocular, camera and microscope lenses but we use it for its clarity, density and how it enhances our colour work. It is also harder to work with (literally) than normal glass and requires different styles of blowing, shaping and heating in the making of glass objects.

Currently, the Michael Ruh Studio is the only glass-blowing studio in the country using optical-quality glass.

▲ Short Film – World seen through glass

▲ Short Film – World seen through glass

▲ Tumbler – in pure, optical-quality glass

▲ Tumbler – in pure, optical-quality glass



The Colour of Glass

YOU AREN'T EVEN thinking about it while it happens: our eyes perceive over 205 different shades of colour, differentiate completely between the most detailed nuances and recognise over 20 saturation and 500 brightness levels. Every day we assimilate millions of colour stimuli – a dream-like world of colours.

The chemistry of colouring glass has a long history. A science using precious minerals, silver, gold, arsenic delicately blended – a single colour may take up to 30 days to make.  The nuances of the Michael Ruh palette are from meticulous observation and being committed to the same colour house in eastern Germany. We routinely travel to meet the house Schmelz Meister and have been doing so for over 15 years. Over time we’ve gained a deep understanding of their characteristics and, if required, can draw several colours from the same bead.