Michael Ruh

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SiO2 - 68%
Na2O - 10%
K2O - 8.0%
CaO - 5.0%
Li2O - 0.5%
ZnO - 3.0%
Tio2 - 2.0%

Al2O2 - 2.5%

The only glass-blowing studio in the UK using optical quality and recycled glass

OPTICAL-QUALITY glass is incredibly pure with a much higher refractive index than normal glass. It is usually used in binocular, camera and microscope lenses but we use it for its clarity, density and how it enhances our colour work. It is also harder to work with (literally) than normal glass and requires different styles of blowing, shaping and heating in the making of glass objects.  

OUR GLASS IS 98% RECYCLED optical glass with the highest "green" credentials across our collections. Our clear glass is 100% recycled glass.


▲   Short Film  – World seen through glass

▲ Short Film – World seen through glass

▲   Tumbler  – in pure, optical-quality glass

▲ Tumbler – in pure, optical-quality glass