Michael Ruh


Sebastian Cox – Glenlivet Nàdurra Drinks Trolley
Master woodworker Sebastian Cox was commissioned by Glenlivet to produce a whisky trolley. The aesthetic was inspired by malt barrows used to turn and transport malt in the distillery. He also wanted a bespoke glass bucket for storing ice which would rest partly within the counter top and be double skinned.

Michael Ruh bespoke glass ice bucket

After discussing details, we presented sketches of the shape for approval and details of how it would be constructed.

A purpose built wooden former was fashioned to shape the inside of the bucket. After inflating and shaping the profile for the outside of the bucket, the wooden former was plunged into the top while hot to create the double skin. This was tricky to do – initially we practised plunging from above which resulted in the shape collapsing. Eventually, we found plunging from the side and placing the bubble in a trough worked best.

Ultimately, three iterations of the bucket were presented to Sebastian so he could choose the most aesthetically pleasing.

The selected bucket was then hand finished – which is a process of grinding and polishing.

Michael Ruh for Sebastian Cox  Glenlivet Nàdurra Drinks Trolley and Ice Bucket