Michael Ruh for Another Country

Michael Ruh for Another Country

Hand-blown decanter by Michael Ruh for Another Country.


The Cob Decanter reflects a city dwellers’ imagined west country idyll: something of humble beauty, fitting and useful within the landscape of your everyday table. The Cob Decanter is the second design for ‘EDITION by Another Country’, a new initiative that celebrates the process of creating through the designing, collaborating or commissioning of small batch, hand-produced objects for every day use.


Leaning on his years of experience Michael hand-crafts the Cob Decanters in his south London glassblowing workshop, where production is limited to a handful of pieces per day and all are made from pure, optical-quality recycled glass. The solid walnut stopper is made in Another Country’s Dorset workshop using offcuts from their bespoke furniture design.


You can purchase the Cob Decanter here




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